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Natural adhesives and Synthetic adhesives
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Natural adhesives

Natural adhesives are made from organic sources such as vegetable starch (dextrin), natural resins, or animals (e.g. the milk protein caseinand hide-basedanimal glues). These are often referred to as bioadhesives.

One example is a simple paste made by cooking flour in water. Starch based adhesives are used in corrugated board and paper sack production, paper tube winding, and wallpaper adhesives. Casein glue is mainly used to adhere glass bottle labels. Animal glues have traditionally been used in bookbinding, wood joining, and many other areas but now are largely replaced by synthetic glues except in specialist applications like the production and repair of stringed instruments.Albumen made from the protein component of blood has been used in the plywood industry. Masonite, a wood hardboard, was originally bonded using natural lignin, an organic polymer, though most modern particle boards such as MDFuse synthetic thermosetting resins.

Synthetic adhesives

Synthetic adhesives are based on elastomers, thermoplastics, emulsions, and thermosets. Examples of thermosetting adhesives are: epoxy, polyurethane,cyanoacrylate and acrylic polymers. Pressure-sensitive adhesive is used in Post-it notes. The first commercially produced synthetic adhesive was Karlsons klister in the 1920s



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A: Yes, but the unit price will be a little higher since the other unit cost rise.
Q: Can you make special packing for us?
A: Yes, we can pack goods in blank bag/carton, and stick paper label writing with what you want. 
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